Chanting is a shortcut in the seeming journey from the restless mind to the

heart of peace

Prashanti Paz

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Prashanti Paz takes you on a journey into joy and peace through mantras, sacred music and heart songs. The luminous and soothing quality of her voice and her soulful chanting offers an experience of reconnecting with the inner peace, love and oneness in all.

‘I love Prashanti Paz’s voice!’ Krishna Das

‘Om Tare’ Out Now


Green Tara is known as ‘the mother of all Buddhas,’  Her mantra protects from dangers, relieving fear and anxiety. Enjoy this new soothing, almost lullaby musical version, with a gentle piano and a moving cello from Lluis Martinez Ten.

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30-Day Mantra Journey For Inner Healing

Learn to awaken your own healing power by chanting the mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. These eight sounds stimulate the flow of the vital force along the spine by channeling the energies of the sun, moon, earth, and the Universe to bring deep healing to yourself, others and the world.


This journey has been transfomative, as I felt the mantra rooting a little deeper in me each day. Thank you Paz to have enlighted my life with your voice, and with your words.

A gift! I am Grateful. Thank you.”

Maryse L.
Montreal, Canada

The Journey of

Prashanti Paz

Prashanti is a devotional singer and musician born in Patagonia Argentina, currently based in The Netherlands. She spent her childhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and attended Film School in Buenos Aires, receiving further education and specializing in Screenwriting in New York.

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