Chanting is a shortcut in the seeming journey from the restless mind to the

heart of peace

Prashanti Paz

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Prashanti Paz takes you on a journey into joy and peace through mantras, sacred music and heart songs. The luminous and soothing quality of her voice and her soulful chanting offers an experience of reconnecting with the inner peace, love and oneness in all.

‘I love Prashanti Paz’s voice!’ Krishna Das

‘Beyond’ Out Now

Recorded across three continents, ‘Beyond’ is a musical journey into the spiritual realms of ethereal beauty and profound peace. This third album was Produced by acclaimed 16 x Grammy-winning producer and engineer Anibal Kerpel and longtime collaborator Diego Marchionatti; Prashanti’s ethereal melodies and captivating vocals reach new heights. ‘Beyond’ features exceptional musicians, offering mesmerizing string arrangements, deep cello, mystical harp, exquisite piano, and folky acoustic guitar slides in an innovative fusion of contemporary and traditional ancient sounds. This New Age Album invites you to go beyond and rest in the blissful open-heart space.

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Prashanti Paz

Prashanti is a devotional singer and musician born in Patagonia Argentina, currently based in The Netherlands. She spent her childhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and attended Film School in Buenos Aires, receiving further education and specializing in Screenwriting in New York.


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