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Sound Journey through the Chakras

Sound Journey through the Chakras

16 June 2024 | The Hague
This immersive 3-hour program is for those ready to embark on a transformative journey through the subtle body and seven energy centers. Through healing sounds, mantras, meditation, breathing techniques, and vocal activations, you will learn to find inner balance, integrate masculine and feminine energies, and release blockages preventing you from living in alignment with body, mind, and soul.
Abrete Corazon: Heart Opening Chanting Circle

Abrete Corazon: Heart Opening Chanting Circle

10 May 2024 | The Hague
It is a magical evening for those ready to meet and express their inner voice using sacred sounds, mantras, and medicine songs. We gather to go deep into the heart, experience real connection and love in a safe space, and awaken our true essence.
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Bhakti Yoga: The Way of the Heart

19 Jan 2024 | The Hague
Join an evening filled with medicine music, mantras, and heart-opening songs together with Prashanti Paz and guest musicians Chester Brandes and Camilla van der Kooij. In this immersive session, we will harness the power of sound and collective vocal expression to unlock and release energetic blockages within, fostering profound healing and inner harmony. Chanting serves as a grounding and meditative gateway, bringing deep relaxation, releasing worries and stress, fostering inner harmony, and revitalizing your well-being. Join us for a collective transformative experience guided by Prashanti. This is your invitation to reconnect to your heart’s core and become your most authentic self.

Ganesha Immersion for New Beginnings

7 Aug 2022 | Insight Timer Workshop

Learn this powerful Mantra Meditation and Ritual to clear your path and remove inner and external blockages preventing you from achieving your goals and manifesting a happy, fulfilling, and abundant existence. If you have been stuck and need to find clarity, direction, and inspiration for a ‘fresh start,’ this program is specially designed for you!


7 Chakra Balancing with Mantras

7 Aug 2022 | Insight Timer Live Sessions

Join Prashanti Paz to deepen your knowledge about mantras and experience their benefits. Mantras are keys to unblocking, cleansing and activating your energetic system. Learn the ancient seven Bija (seed) mantras associated with each chakra. Regain harmony & increase your vitality with this simple and powerful sound meditation.

Heart Opening 1-Day Retreat

20 Nov 2021 | De ‘Meditatietuin’, Amsterdam

Join Prashanti Paz and Ravi Ram for a One-Day Healing Love journey through mantra, ritual, conscious movement, meditation, chakras sound, and shamanic chants.

Mantras & Sacred Songs Concert

7 March 2021 | ‘Studio 150’, Amsterdam

Prashanti Paz in concert live from ‘Studio 150’ in Amsterdam with Camilla Van Der Kooij (Violin) and Chester Brandes (guitar).

‘Ontwaak: Mantra & Sound Immersion’

4 February 2021 |‘De Meditatietuin’, Amsterdam


Mantras & Sacred Songs

22 November 2020 | ‘Ajna Tempel’, Den Haag


Mantras para Transformar tu Vida

31 August 2019 | ‘TOSH Festival’, Bogota


Cantar Mantras con Paz

3 June 2018 | ‘Usina del Arte’, Buenos Aires


Concierto de Mantras

2 December 2017 | ‘Wanderlust Festival’, Buenos Aires