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About my work and what you can expect:


  • I use astrology as a tool for self-awareness.
  • Before our session, I tap into the Akashic Records to enhance my intuitive connection and insight.
  • I help individuals gain a better understanding and positive perspective of themselves to further their personal development, uncover their potentiality, and promote expansion and success.
  • My approach is not based on making predictions or giving advice.
  • I am here to empower you by opening possibilities and bringing awareness to your current circumstances or challenges so you can regain your confidence as a co-creator of your life.
  • I often refer to my work as ‘Spiritual Astrology’ because my sessions are oriented toward deepening one’s spiritual path.
  • I am a certified astrologer with 15 years of experience. I have been trained in both the Western System and Tibetan Buddhist Astrology.
  • Please note that no session is the same as the others, as I use the tools I feel are appropriate for each person.

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