Clearing Your Path To Success

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If you feel stuck and nothing seems to go your way, learn to harness the power of the Ganesha mantra to manifest the life you want.

This course includes :

  • 8 Days
  • 17 min / day

This course includes :

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  • Workbook

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Overcome obstacles and unleash your potential by using the Ganesha Mantra

If you feel stuck and nothing seems to go your way, learn to harness the power of the Ganesha mantra to manifest the life you want. Break free from external and self-imposed limitations and thrive using this transformative practice. Unleash your potential, and find clarity and direction to achieve your goals. It is time to embody the highest version of yourself through the power of sacred sound.

What you will learn

Lesson 1: Laying The Ground For Success

In this introductory lesson, we lay the groundwork for this transformative journey by delving into the essence of mantras, focusing on the Ganesha Mantra as a key to unlocking boundless possibilities. Learn to set a powerful intention using a heart-centered meditation to clarify what you wish to achieve with this practice. I will offer additional tools to create a supporting meditation space to enhance your practice.

Lesson 2: Stepping Into Abundance: The Ganesha Mantra

Today, we begin chanting the 7-minute Ganesha mantra for seven Days, specially designed for this program. You will receive the meaning of the mantra and learn how to use it as a key to opening the gateway to an abundant and successful life. You will also be guided through a potent intention-setting meditation. The lesson concludes with a contemplation on gratitude as a magnet to abundance.

Lesson 3: Uncovering Your Full Potential

This lesson explores Lord Ganesha’s divine essence, qualities, and archetypal significance. Uncover the profound symbolism behind his attributes and immerse yourself deeper in the transformative practice of mantra chanting to nourish your intentions. The session concludes with selecting a ‘divine trait’ you aim to cultivate intentionally and carry its positive energy throughout your day.

Lesson 4: Reclaiming Your Power With Sound

In this session, you continue cultivating a daily relationship with the Ganesha mantra. You will receive special guidance about the mystical seed mantra GAM, the primal sound from which Ganesha’s energy emanates. Experience the Shakti rising from your first chakra and your power amplified.

Lesson 5: Shifting Your Mindset: Ganesha's Wisdom

How high are your dreams on your priority list? Today, we examine a common obstacle to achieving our goals: the art of postponement. We dive deep into mantra chanting and learn about the incredible and various benefits of the Ganesha mantra. Experience how it can infuse your life with courage, wisdom, and clarity to connect with your life’s purpose and mission.

Lesson 6: Breaking Free From Limitations

In today’s lesson, let’s examine obstacles, how to navigate them, and even how to turn them to our advantage. Whether external or internal, obstacles are messengers, revealing aspects of our lives that need attention. The first step to overcoming an obstacle is understanding that your reality mirrors your inner world.

Lesson 7: Magnetizing Abundance And Prosperity

When it comes to intention setting, we sometimes invite our self-limiting beliefs to set the bar to what seems realistic and possible. Without realizing we are afraid to go big, we bring logic into a magic process. Today, the mantra continues to dissolve limiting beliefs as we invite powerful affirmations to shift our mindset.

The Vibration Of Success: Ganesha's Activation

In this session, you will receive powerful guidance to supercharge your intention-setting and speed up the manifestation process to achieve your goals and dreams. Today, you complete seven days of chanting the Mantra of Ganesha for seven minutes. You are ready to magnetize endless opportunities and embody the highest version of yourself.

You will also get on this DELUXE version:

  • Exclusive access to the NEW ‘Ganesha’ 7-minute music audio track’ for download and use as a self-paced chanting practice.
  • PDF course booklet with extended information and images, including Ganesha´s symbolism and Yantra (sacred geometry), to support your meditation practice.



Another magical course, Paz. I am eternally grateful for your work and all you do for us.

– Markus Jarrow, New York, USA.

This course is wonderful, and I highly recommend it! I will revisit it, but I found it helpful to connect with my intention through the Ganesha mantra. Thank you.

– Vania, London, UK.

I’ve participated in other courses with this beloved teacher, and this one is just as wonderful! Thank you, Prashanti Paz, for this new Ganesha course and mantra. I feel very supported in my desires.

– Heidi, Orlando, USA.

This course is for you if…

You’re ready to unleash your potential and welcome an abundant life using the power of mantra.
You want to identify and break free from limiting beliefs
You seek clarity and direction to manifest the life you want
You want to regain confidence and strength to move forward with aligned and powerful action
You value spiritual growth and transformation through sacred sounds and mantras.

If the above applies to you

Then don’t hesitate and learn to harness the power of Ganesha mantra with Prashanti

  • Ganesha mantra
  • 8 Days
  • 17 min / day
  • Digital download (non expiry)
  • Free workbook guide included